Fashioned in 18k gold, the Evia Necklace is the cornerstone piece of Nina Xouris Collaborative. An exquisite, timeless piece of jewelry that represents our past, present & future. Wearing the Evia Necklace close to your heart reminds you that you are strong, unique and beautiful.


Here's my story ...

n July of 1961, a beautiful young greek woman boarded the Queen Frederica in Piraeus, Greece and embarked on an 11 day journey across the Atlantic, that would take her to a new world and a new life in America. Leaving her family and beautiful island of Evia behind, was both frightening and exciting, all at once. As the ship pulled into the New York Harbor on July 28th, she could only imagine what her future held in store. Fifty-eight years later, in Baltimore, Maryland, surviving the struggles, hardships, triumphs, joys, and the ups and downs of life, she is a warrior, my Greek Goddess and the woman I look up to and admire above all… she is my mother, Evangelia.

ot so long ago, I embarked on my own journey…a very different one from the life I had. My mother has given me strength and courage all my life, and is now the inspiration for my new jewelry line...Nina Xouris Collaborative. The first piece in my collection is the Evia necklace, a tribute to her and her birthplace. This piece symbolizes the courage and strength within all of us, the crossroads we face, our ups and downs through this life, and our constant, ever-changing journey. Wearing the Evia necklace close to my heart reminds me that I am strong, unique and beautiful. I hope that when you wear this exquisite piece, it will give you strength and bring out your inner Goddess.

Evia Necklace

The inspiration ...